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June 13, 2012


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All effective measures should be taken to eliminate the achievement gap.

Intuitively I believe that culture is the most important factor in the achievement gap. More precisely, culture defined as the immediate family's attitude toward education and accountability is the primary cultural influence on student achievement. Secondarly, and far less influential, is the culture of the student's larger community beyond the immediate family. Until family culture changes, a material achievment gap will persist. Changing the culture of the community at large would be a helpful bonus.

Have there been any studies that address or explore the effect of family culture on the achievement gap.


The graduation gap between white and AFrican American students closed in Cincinnati, before Strive was founded. It did not require a change in culture, and it did not come about because a group of foundations came together to set goals. The story is available here:

I hope Colin will take a look at this too.

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