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January 07, 2012


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Barbara Battiste

Great info. Thank you.

mark haveman

A correction to the blog post:

The rankings cited from the MTA report above are not for state and local taxes but for all state and local own source revenues. State and local tax rankings are 13th and 14th on a per capita and per thousand income respectively. The rankings cited above include all own source revenues Since Minnesota’s state and local governments use relatively lower amounts of nontax revenue, this brings the ranking for that metric down vis-à-vis the ranking for tax revenues only.

Mark Haveman, Minnesota Taxpayers Association

***Thanks, Mark. We've corrected the paragraph based on your comment.***

Timothy Church


I hope you send this in as an opinion piece to the Strib. Those who still read newspapers need to see it.


Charlie, You have nailed it! Thank you for giving us some ammo to use. Your facts and information are great.

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