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September 11, 2010


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rob levine

"Instead of always saying we can't fix our schools or expect better results from poor kids until we fix poverty, might the opposite be more true, that we can't fix poverty unless we improve teacher quality and fix the schools?"

No, the opposite CANNOT be true! Children are coming to school NOT READY or ALREADY BROKEN! How can a school fix that? The whole premise of this conference is baloney and harmful to education.

rob levine

"our community and our economy are in jeopardy as a result of too many students failing and we simply can't afford year after year to allow so many kids to fall behind and for half our young adults to fail to obtain post-secondary credentials. Impatience and frustration are justified. Pessimism and inaction are not."

Ah - NO - education is not the problem in our economy - Neoliberal economic policies have ensured there aren't even jobs for educated people.

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