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December 26, 2009


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Pat Davies

Dane Smith's excellent column on The Lost Decade succinctly sums up what has happened to our beloved state - and how much the loss has hurt our citizens. I believe Minnesotans are ready for a leader who will help us recapture and renew our progressive policies.


Not to worry, the Obama regime has already spent enough non-existent money, that multiple decades will be lost just paying the trillions in interest. Just remember, government produces nothing without taking from someone else first. I'm sure you and your fellow Minnesotans look forward to exponential tax increases combined with a dollar that buys less and less every day. Hopefully you will be left with enough to pay your exorbitant cap & trade hiked heating bill next winter.



If deficits are such a bad thing then why do politicians (clowns) always do the things that will exacerbate the problem. And I'm not talking about tax cuts "for the rich". I'm talking about:

1) Spending more money than you take in. If you cut taxes then cut spending, morons.
2) If you shove all of the income taxes onto the rich, then don't be shocked to learn that incomes taxes have fallen drastically during a recession. High income earners typically see their income fall by a greater percentage than other income groups. (Hello? There's a state called California that follows this model and it's a disaster.)
3) Don't decrease the pool of taxpayers. Over the last decade the pool of taxpayers has decreased by at least 5 percent. What do you think is going to happen when you exclude more people from paying taxes?

The point: Why should only the rich pay income taxes. Don't poor people have a stake in this country too? Why should rich people have to pay for poor people who don't contribute?

On a related note, no pundit that I know of has ever answered these questions. Obama says that he wants to reward work and not wealth. The average American works about 1900 hours a year (2080 hours if you work 40 hours/week for 52 weeks). For the past several years I have worked at least 2300 hours. For my extra work I am now in a higher tax bracket.

1) How exactly am I being rewarded by working more hours and having to pay more of my income in taxes?
2) Isn't the point of working to accumulate wealth so that you are not a burden on others?

I await your reply.

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