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January 16, 2009


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So, what are you saying? The taxpayers are the employer, and the employer needs to give the state a raise? I guess I don't understand your blog. Or, am I spot on as to what you're saying? Any solutions to the budget besides stealing more from me? Or, just hollow rhetoric of your own? Just FYI, my 0.98% (that's less than 1% for you math genious) anual pay-raise in light of a 5.8% cost of living increase gave me a whopping 4.8% cut in pay this year. (last year it was no raise and a 3. something cost of living increase) In the last three years I have effectively received a nearly 10% pay cut. It's time for the state accept a cut in pay once in a while too. Been to the grocery store lately? I can fit $40 worth of groceries into one paper bag real easy. That's just eggs, milk, bread, PB&J types of food, not the big ticket items such as steak. A $1.39 buys me one whole can of tomatoes by the way. I get a cut in pay and the state should get a raise from me? No, I don't think so.

Craig Westover

As I've written before -- being critical of the Republican Party -- Republicans champion the idea that "government must live within its means" — just like Minnesota families. Unfortunately, the "make government live within its means" mantra is not a principle, and government is not a family. Unlike a family, government doesn't do "fun stuff." Unlike a family, government doesn't earn money and government doesn't create wealth. Families earn and save so they can do more, so they can do fun stuff; government is limited to meeting its constitutional obligations. Period.

Another key difference is that unless the family decides to turn to a life of crime, it cannot raise revenue by taking it from its neighbors -- no matter how rich and undeserving those neighbors might be. Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. The operative word is "just." Government cannot assume a power that is not an individual's to consent.

Both Dems and Repubs should scrap the kitchen table analogy and debate the real issue -- limited, constitutional government protecting individual rights or majoritarian non-restrained government acting for a subjective common good; which does Minnesota want to be.

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