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February 14, 2008


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Charlie, before she decided to cut coupons, she decided first to INCREASE SPENDING. She chose to put her child in all-day, five-day kindergarten. She had to take the measures she did because she did not choose to take them from the time the child was conceived, or was born, or perhaps even when the child was four. So she has to make those choices now. You're just as bad with the metaphor as that reporter was.

Charlie Quimby

Never dispute this English major's use of metaphor, King.

Of course they decided to increase spending now. Why would you suggest they raise more revenue when the child was conceived and before they needed to pay for kindergarten? That would be tax and spend, wouldn't it?

I suppose they could also have taken the Pawlenty approach to long-term investments — bonding for kindergarten and having the kid pay it back.

The family wanted something better and decided on a strategy that would allow them to spend more. That's an example of people making choices about what's important in life and figuring out how to pay for it.

Taxpayers and their governments can decide to do that, too.

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